Receiving Birth
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Receiving Birth

You will laugh and cry along with Susan, as you travel on her journey starting with a childhood surrounded by women who would have a  lasting influence, to love and the commitment of marriage. Her story contains the disappointments and heartache of infertility and the creation of her family through the miracle of adoption. Finally, and perhaps the most challenging of all, the adventures continue as she and her husband raise their teenagers and prepare to let them go.

Book Cover The Universe had a much bigger plan for Susan T. Kimutis than she could have ever imagined for herself. Of course she would have loved to have felt her children growing inside her, but she would not trade all the birth babies in the world for the two children who call her “Mom.”

Receiving Birth will delight anyone whose life has been enriched because of children. This memoir is a must read for everyone with a connection to adoption. Birth and adoptive parents, as well as their children will feel the power of love, and the support of family in this inspiring book.

Susan T. Kimutis is available for book signings and speaking engagements.